Development and support for websites and web & mobile applications

Hypernaut is an Internet production company looking to reconcile :

  • competitive prices, thanks to its Kiev location;
  • high-quality solutions, thanks to its senior French technical management and the skills of its Ukrainian developers.

Our services are primarily aimed at web-based or traditional advertising agencies, software engineering companies and businesses looking to outsource the technical side of development of their web projects at the best price / quality ratio, while taking advantage of a 100% French-language working relationship   Hypernaut works predominantly in the following areas:

  • Development of websites and  web applications, in custom or "serial production" modes
  • Development of mobile  and Facebook applications
  • Development of business applications, particularly  CRM
  • Ongoing Support

We offer our services in two forms:

  • Fixed-price budgets linked to projects based on detailed specifications
  • Placement of Kiev-based dedicated teamson contract and on a monthly charge basis.