French management working for agencies

  • Hypernaut was created in 2006 in Kiev by Arnaud Dassieret and Olivier Bonneville, an EPITA engineer, who started their careers in 1997 in French ISPs and web agencies (Club Internet, Studio Grolier, Cythère-Nurun, Numéricâble, Atypic ...)

The agency now has approximately 30 employees, including:

In Kiev, Ukraine:

  • 1 French technical director
  • 20 developers, engineers and integrators
  • 4 French-speaking project managers
  • One web designer
  • The presence of a French leadership team in the workplace in Kiev allows us to offer a 100% French-language working relationship.

In Paris:

  • One sales director
  • One senior technical consultant

Our team of senior managers and French-language service, in both Kiev and Paris, is a unique feature of Hypernaut, representing a definite competitive advantage, which allows us to optimize the quality of our solutions, communication and techniques.