How can you succeed in your offshore outsourcing projects?

Agencies have told us now and then that they have sometimes had lukewarm outsourcing experiments.

This is often the result of a lack of preparation and / or poor choice of provider and / or project.
There are sometimes problems stemming from the provider’s lack of skills, or an insurmountable cultural difference, making communication difficult.
On the other hand, one cannot entrust to an unknown provider а project with too tight a budget, deadlines too short, insufficient specifications and simply hope that everything turns out all right.

Conditions of an outsourcing project

  • In choosing a provider, you will have verified his competence, particularly in a one-on-one meeting.
  • A provider with whom you can communicate easily, from the point of view of culture, language and time.
  • A project defined by sufficiently detailed specifications. Our team in France can help you in this area, if necessary.

That is why we chose to set up in Kiev, with French management and French-speaking project managers.
In addition, in order to better define upstream projects, we have established a consulting and technical support team in France, which can intervene in support of our clients.

Collaboration with a third-party contractor is ever-more efficient and profitable experiment with the experience accumulated with projects. This is why we recommend partnership. Selecting a provider on the basis of the lowest bid is the best way to fail to take advantage of outsourcing.