Our first will allow each partner to learn how to work with the other.

This initial collaboration is even more crucial, since outsourcing demands exhaustive specifications for each project, and the application of sound technique. Many bad experiences in outsourcing can be explained by deficiencies аt this level.

This is why it is best to start a collaboration with a standard, non-strategic project, with reasonable deadlines.

Unfortunately, many collaborations are derailed by budget constraints and / or tight deadlines. We will see to it that everything goes according to plan, come what may. ;)

Do not hesitate to contact us during the tendering phase , in order to take advantage of the competitive advantages we offer in the budget area, as well as of the added value of our technical advice.

Hypernaut was founded by a team coming from web agencies. Our culture is the same as that of the agencies: responsiveness, creativity, quality ...

  • Our quality policy is up to the demands of the agencies (and those of their clients) we have been serving since 2006
  • Our management is French, including at the Kiev production site, comprising the Technical Director and Senior Project Manager
  • We set up a team of French-speaking project managers to improve communication and monitoring of our projects
  • We respect the deadlines and fixed-price budget packages we accept at project launch
  • Located in Kiev, we have access to a large pool of IT skills

We put these measures in place in order to achieve the quality level expected by our client agencies This explains why our prices for outsourcing transactions are not the lowest We promote a loyalty policy for our client agencies

Agencies have told us now and then that they have sometimes had lukewarm outsourcing experiments.

This is often the result of a lack of preparation and / or poor choice of provider and / or project.
There are sometimes problems stemming from the provider’s lack of skills, or an insurmountable cultural difference, making communication difficult.
On the other hand, one cannot entrust to an unknown provider а project with too tight a budget, deadlines too short, insufficient specifications and simply hope that everything turns out all right.

Conditions of an outsourcing project

  • In choosing a provider, you will have verified his competence, particularly in a one-on-one meeting.
  • A provider with whom you can communicate easily, from the point of view of culture, language and time.
  • A project defined by sufficiently detailed specifications. Our team in France can help you in this area, if necessary.

That is why we chose to set up in Kiev, with French management and French-speaking project managers.
In addition, in order to better define upstream projects, we have established a consulting and technical support team in France, which can intervene in support of our clients.

Collaboration with a third-party contractor is ever-more efficient and profitable experiment with the experience accumulated with projects. This is why we recommend partnership. Selecting a provider on the basis of the lowest bid is the best way to fail to take advantage of outsourcing.

Offshore outsourcing has seen strong growth in recent years for the following reasons:

  • Production budgets  are more competitive, meaning more profitable projects and a success rate better than that of your competitors
  • More effective management of your workload, for improved adaptability to business risks and greater flexibility for your customers
  • Better allocation of your resources, allowing your teams to focus on value-adding tasks

Outsourcing is particularly well suited to the following needs:

  • Design of CMS standard websites and mobile applications
  • Support
  • Integration and injection of content
  • Repetitive production processes (website factories ...) The size of the project does not matter: offshoring is as interesting for small as it is for large projects.

Ukraine has become the leading provider of IT services in Europe, because the country combines the following competitive advantages:

  • A science-based educational system, producing 16,000 new IT developers annually
  • Some of the most competitive labor costs in Europe
  • A dynamic IT sector, which recruits experienced developers
  • Cultural proximity to Western Europe
  • A time difference of one hour (+1,) which facilitates collaboration

In order to overcome the language barrier, our management is backed up by two Frenchmen in Kiev and our two project managers are French-speaking.